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Hey there,

I'm (quite urgently) looking for a Versailles tshirt, preferably the one from 2010 that I think had all of them on with the Jubilee/Serenade costumes. I had one that I bought at the Santiago de Chile concert, but I can't find it and it feels pretty damn tragic.

I'm willing to look at any Versailles shirts, sizes S to M, and will consider any prices and conditions (as long as it doesn't stink)! Please please help.

Feedback is here.
I'm currently in Chile until the 8th but I live in Durham, England. I can pay immediately with PayPal.

PLEASE if you've got any offers do email me at as notifications on this LiveJournal account are a bit dodgy (I stopped writing yeeeeears ago and only use it for sales).

Thanks very much! x

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Selling Teru Versailles/Jupiter chekis
454509120.1 - копия452414494.1 - копия
check here(*´∀`*)

Selling Part of my Collection XD
snape: l'oreal
Hello All! I am looking to sell some of these items from my little Versailles collection - please help me find them a good home ^__^  I do my best to keep all of my items in excellent condition, and these items come from a pet and smoke-free home.

The prices here do not include shipping or paypal fees. I can ship anywhere in the world, and I will aim to ship your items within 1-1.5 weeks after I get your payment. If you are in the U.S. and would like me to give you shipping estimates, please provide your zip code - thank you!

I have feedback here on eBay:

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Selling: Holy Grail poster
Selling this poster from the 2011 Holy Grail world tour Paris live. I bought this online a couple of years ago, and I think it was sold at the concert. The back of the poster is blue, instead of white. The poster has been used, so there are blu-tac marks and a little wear, but no stains/rips etc.
Looking for £15 GBP OBO, plus shipping & PP fees.

My feedback:


I'm selling KAMIJO's Symphony of the Vampire poster, plus two photos from Yamiyo No Lion and LAREINE's Billet and Fuyu Tokyo CSs singles.
Prices are in Euro and don't include shipping cost, which vary from country to country.
I accept only paypal as methond of payment. Payments only in advance, please don't ask to sent items to you before.
Thank you.
For any other infos contact me on Facebook or by email to:

KAMIJO - Symphony of the Vampire poster Euro 15,00 + shipping

KAMIJO - Yamiyo No Lion signed photo (two pieces) Euro 5,00 each + shipping

LAREINE - Billet CD single Euro 15,00

LAREINE - Fuyu Tokyo CD single Euro 15,00

Looking for Lyrical Sympathy and Nobel CDs to buy!
Hello everyone,
I was looking for the CDs (+DVDs if being European versions) Noble and Lyrical Sympathy, I sent perfectkiller1 a PM about her selling of those releases, but I have not got any reply yet... so that's why I wanted to make this request as a post here. I would of course prefer the releases to be in very good condition but it all depends :P
Thanks a lot in advance and I hope I get a reply soon!


PS: I would prefer if you sent me a message to my e-mail address instead: Dark_Onyx_vbg (at) hotmail (dot) com
(without the spaces and changing (dot) and (at) for their respective symbols ;) )

Versailles DVD set with Perfume and Necklace Vial For Sale
Hi Everyone^^
I have a Versailles Special DVD set that I would like to sell. It comes with a DVD, small bottle of perfume and a heart vial necklace on a gold chain. I am selling this item for £20.

Versailles-DVD+Perfume & Vial
Versailles DVD inside
Versailles Vial

If you require any further photos of any of the items shown please contact me via live journal or directly at
I will always try my best to get you the cheapest and safest shipping available^^

Kind Regards

Selling Jupiter hand-signed autographs.
check here(*´∀`*)♪

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Shipping from Germany
Prices are in Euro and don’t include shipping or Paypal fees
Prices are negotiable, contact me if you want to make an offer
For any questions, or if you would like to see pictures of the items, please message me here or through email (thesoullovex at gmail dot com).

Lareine – Kamijo in Vienna (DVD) 20 €
Lareine – Scarlet Majesty (DVD) 35€
Lareine – Live Document Film at TOKYO KINEMA CLUB (DVD) 35€
Lareine – Fleur (DVD) 10€
Lareine – Making DVD (Bonus for purchasing three limited Singles) 10€
Lareine – Making Clips (DVD) 20€
Lareine - Chantons L'amour (DVD) 70€
Lareine – Legend of Fantasy (3 DVD Box) 120€

Matenrou Opera – Abyss (limited box with Tshirt) 15€
Matenrou Opera - Gloria 7€
Matenrou Opera – Dawn of Anomie in Akasaka Blitz (DVD) 20€
Versailles – Ascendead Master Type I (CD+DVD) 9€
Versailles – Ascendead Master Type II (CD+DVD) 9€
Versailles – Ascendead Master Type III (CD+DVD) 9€
Versailles - Prince/Shred (split single with Chariots) 7€
Versailles – Calendar 2008 Making DVD 8€ SOLD
Versailles – Descendant of the Rose Fanclub DVD Vol. 0 15€ SOLD
Versailles – Aesthethic Violence B.P.T (Teru Version) 15€ SOLD
Versailles – Aesthethic Violence Princess Stairs (Hizaki Version) The necklace is missing 10€

Crack Brain Demo Tape (Hizaki of Versailles and Jupiter) 7€
Lareine – Lucheri Demo Tape 10€

Lareine – Miss CARMILA VHS Limited Box 20€
New Sodmy – Tour „Cat Walk“ 2002 -Documents- 13€ SOLD
New Sodmy – Last Lie 2 VHS Set 25€

Books and Magazines
Cure Vol.55 3€
Versailles World Tour 2012 Holy Grail 7€
Versailles Holy Grail Band Score 12€
Versailles – Calendar 2012 12€