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I wish on everything that I was.

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Oh my God ;_; this was so...unexpected, really. I knew he was ill, but I didn't know it was that bad. May he rest in peace.

I can't believe this... I'm totaly in shock...

I'm absolutely heartbroken right now. I don't even know what to say....

OMG!!!!!!!! this can't be true!!!!! :O please don't be !! D:

Oh my...

I confess I'm not that big of a Versailles fan but...

I have no words.

May he rest in peace.

don't know what to say

T_______T Oh my God.....I'm a loss for words!

.... oh my god. This can't be happening.

I'm no fan of Versailles, really.

But please, please tell me that Jasmine You is behind this all, sitting somewhere by his computer and laughing his ass off at us.


I just.. lost my words..
May he rest in peace.

i have no words. if this is true...

Jasmine You, please rest in peace.

I never thought I would but I actually am crying.
This is so...strange.
Who would think of it all of a sudden...
And wow for you for posting this.
I couldn't even if I was 99% fluent in Japanese.
Thank you.

And hope he'll rest in peace

I can not actually think of anything to say to this.
RIP.... ):

I have absolutely no idea what to say
it seems so unreal...

oh my god... i can't believe...

this was really unexpected. D:

I do not know how to react... this hasn't fully hit me yet... oh my god.

My heart just stopped. I... ;____;


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