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Versailles at V-ROCK FEST
u_karyu_u wrote in versaillesfans
Hello! I just read on Shattered Tranquility a very good news!!! =D

They posted this on the OHP

We have had a lot of inquires in regard to Versailles performing at V-ROCK FESTIVAL ‘09, and until now we haven’t been able to give a clear answer. We apologize to everyone for making you worry, and for causing you trouble.
As a result of a conference with both the members and staff, we have decided to perform as planned.
For those of you who already purchased your tickets, we’re sorry for making you worry.
Also, we want to thank the executive committee of the V-ROCK FESTIVAL for waiting for our answering.

We intend to carry on living out Jasmine You’s dream, one step at a time, so we hope that everyone can support us from here on.

I'm very happy they will begin to work again soon =D
Maybe we'll know the new release date for the full album too soon!

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yes, it's very good news !!!

they begin to work again, it's great to know that

that show is going to be full of emotions...

I can't even imagine...

I'm so relieved now....Indeed I was, and I'm concerned yet...

That's good news. =) Thank you for sharing.

Thank you! That IS good news!! ^_^ I thought that they would do the performance, but it is nice to know for sure. It means that they're....somewhat okay. ^^ I wish that I could go.

That is amazing news!!

I'm so glad, I think that it will be very good for them to interact with the fans again from the stage. <3 And it will be nice for Jasmine to be able to watch them continuing. Thank you for posting this~

I hope they'll be emotionally stable enough to play just as if nothing big happened... the thought of having them break down on stage makes me shiver. I'm so worried about them.

Glad to hear this news... but I still wonder whether Jamine You will get replaced? (Not trying to be insensitive though, just curious.) Oh well, we won't know till then...

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