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International Tour Dates + Places to buy Tickets
koutetsuhime wrote in versaillesfans
Just reposting these with the links to the places to buy tickets so that we can cut back on the "where do I buy?" posts. :) (I wish we could create sticky posts for communities so these won't get buried! ><) I'll add it to the memories so it's easy to find if you need to check it later. :)

Latin America (info:
June 04 Sao Paulo / BRAZIL
June 06 Santiago / CHILE
June 09 Buenos Aires / ARGENTINA (
June 11 Lima / PERU
June 13 Mexico City / MEXICO @ Circo Volador

26 June - Oslo (Norway) TBA
27 June - Moscow (Russia) @ Toschka (Точка) 1600rub (advance), 3500rub(VIP 2), 2500rub (VIP 3), Reservation: (495) 737-76-66
29 June - Helsinki (Finland) @ Tavastia (Not on sale yet)
30 June - London (UK) @ Islington Tickets on sale from Wed 03 Mar 10 - 09.00AM!
02 July - Barcelona (Spain) @ Apollo (€30)
03 July - Montpellier (France) @ Rockstore €27
06 july - Amsterdam (Netherlands) @ Bitterzoet €24,00 (Tickets are also for sale in any primera store for €27,25)
07 July - Cologne (Germany) @ Werkstatt €28,60
09 July - Hamburg (Germany) @ Knust €28,60
11 July - Budapest (Hungary) @ Dürer Kert (Ticket prices: Until the 30th of April: 6000 HUF; After the 1st of May and at the door: 6500 HUF) More info in this post
13 July - Paris (France) @ Trabendo €30

If I missed anything, please let me know. Both I and my friend looked for the Paris tickets but couldn't find them, so if they ARE up somewhere, please let me know so I can add it!

ETA: Don't have info for the Latin America tour yet. Sorry! If you find info and it's not posted on this post yet, please do let me know and I'll add it!

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Hah, I'm going the 6th of July :D

"(I wish we could create sticky posts for communities so these won't get buried! ><)"

Can you not do that thing everyone does on their journal with setting the date far in the future so it comes up first? =o

Not in community journals, unfortunately. It'd be really useful if we could. x_x;

is there any place where you can buy tickets for the latin american tour? =(

I haven't even seen any info on the venues yet ;~; I'm sorry! If you find info and it's not posted yet, please do let me know! I am keeping my eye out for it though.

The tix for Paris and Montpellier are on sale on the online ship of the organizer :
It seems that they ship overseas ^^
30 & 27€ for each!

Fixed it! Thanks a ton for letting me know! :)

There are plans for a gig in Oslo, Norway on the 26th, venue and tickets TBA.

Is there some official source for this? Otherwise, I'll have to treat it as a rumour.

The Norwegian tour date is in the new pamphlet they're currently selling at the Japanese lives, so it's official. I've talked to the organizers, and they still haven't decided on the details around selling tickets (i.e, when, how, and if you can buy them from abroad)

Alright. Thanks for letting me know! It's just there's been so many rumours going around, it's hard to know when something is official. @_@ So I wanted to make sure about it.

Well, the band doesn't seem to have announced it yet, but the organizers have announced it on their forum, here:

and on last FM:

and on Facebook:

and on the official website for the con, here:

Thanks for the links. It sounds like, according to the site and looking at the dates of the convention, that they might play there at the con? Just speculation, though, esp since I'm reading this through google translator. ^^;

Also the and facebook links don't work :( (though I saw the one already).

They're playing in the evening at the first day of a two-day con, yes, but they're not planning to have the gig at the con, they're looking for a real venue.

(Deleted comment)
Obviously not gonna be taking many breaks this tour, it seems. D: Norway and then to Moscow the very next day, even! They're crazy lol

ass addage for the 6th july show

the tickets are for sale in ANY primera store for 27,25

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