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Budapest, Hungary Live Reports
藍華柳姫 // TERU
koutetsuhime wrote in versaillesfans
July 11, 2010 - Budapest, Hungary

Please post all live reports or comments on the live here! Thanks~

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Ahh, I wish they did more meet and greets! Did you have to pay extra for it?

And your English was perfect. =D

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Thank you very much for your report!! I would have loved to be there :c And what Hizaki did was really sweet <3 And yeah, they are always smiling!!! and don´t worry.. it´s normal to be shocked when you see them for the first time xDD I was like that too at Mexico´s fanmeeting... I had a whole thing planned to say to them but at the first second I had Teru in front of me everything erased from my memory and couldn´t say something else besides "I love you so much" xDDD

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tato cast bola o mne? :D "One of the fans asked Hizaki if she could hug him and the bodyguard said no, the girl was started to go further to the other members but Hizaki stood up and reached after her it was so cute but they did'nt hugged because of the bodyguard^^""

Hey =DD.
I was the girl who asked Hizaki if I could hug him =DD!!
He didn't understand me (I saw it in his face), and the manager shouted "No!" and when I wanted to shake hands with Yuki he stood up and took my hand a second time (<- Hizaki).

So well I was that girl ^^. Well I tried a second time asking for a hug when I was standing in front of Kamijo. Well...;. No luck XD. ^.^

Sorry for replying a second time XD.
I was totally happy when I mentioned, that Hizaki took my hand a second time <3.
He used both hands to hold mine and looked at me with a "Sorry~~" eye and an unforgetable smile.

I wish I were able to talk more to them. ^^""", but well. I'm thankful that we were able to see them for a few seconds, shake their hands and saying "Thank you for everything". At least for one second they know that you exist and that you like them and that makes me happy.

that hug-thing (sorry i don't know how to say it in english -.-) happened to me too :D

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I was there and i am too lazy to write some longass report about it...but it was great experience.I really had fun and loved the show.No regrets here about the money,traveling and waiting:)
Oh,and i was half-asleep at the Meet and it was all kind of funny...

Bodygaurds are mean >.< Usually Hizaki and Kamijo give hugs or at least let you hug them. I heard that some lucky duck was allowed to kiss Yuki before :D

I was at the live too, but I'm still so excited that i couldn't really finished my live report. But I'll write it tomorrow and translate into english and link it here.

I'll write there about their presents and Kamijo's cake too ^^ and about what happened behind the club after the live, when they went back to their hotel XD

Ah, Masashi's quite the hottie <3


*Before the Concert
Well, we drove away at 3:15 p.m. and we had a lot of trouble on our way to Hungary. A lot of people were at the Balaton, and so we weren't able to drive the way quickly. We arrived in Budapest - and there we had the next trouble! We weren't able to see the name of the streets and so we had to ask two people where we are. After that we reached the hall at 8:40 p.m. and so I was too late!

I changed my shoes (I put on my plateau shoes) and ran into the hall. I bought the merchandise (Poster, Shirt and Rose) and ran out of the hall to bring it to my father who put it into the car and I ran back into the hall.

*The Concert
I entered the hall and they played "Aristocrat's Symphony". It was an unforgetable moment to hear Kamijo's voice. Well. They were a lot of people and first I thought "OMG I won't see anything!", but the room was really small so I was able to see them nearly 1m high. There was something to sit at the wall and so I went up there to see clearly. I had a perfect sight on Kamijo, Hizaki and Yuki. Sometimes I was able to see Masashi too. Well I wasn't seeing Teru all the time, but the times I saw him, I saw him clearly! It was really hot in the hall, so I used my passport to get some "fresh" air XDD.

*After the Concert and Waiting for the Meeting
When the concert was finished, I went outside the hall to search for my dad because I was really thirsty. There was a boy who asked me if I'm "Saeko" from Facebook. First I didn't react, because people call me Duchesse - but well I think he wasn't able to pronounce Duchesse, so that's why he asked me if I'm Saeko.

After an hour I entered the hall again and asked the security where the meeting will be. That guy hardly understood me, because I was speaking english. I don't speak "Magyar" well, because I'm from Austria. So I just can say "Szia", "Magyar" - with a bad pronounciation and some other words. XDD. Suddenly a lot of people were standing at the right and I didn't know why. After a while I went there and asked a super cute Sweet Lolita why everyone's standing here. She answered that there's the meeting and so I waited there and talked to her. She was from Hungary and said things like "They're angels!". And yes - they are!

* The Meeting
Well, the bodyguard let me in and than they sat there. Hizaki - Yuki - Kamijo and Teru. Sadly, Masashi wasn't there. I went to Hizaki, took his hand and asked him if I may hug him. He looked at me and didn't understand a thing, but his manager shouted "No!" and the security took my arm and I had to go to Yuki. I wanted to gave him my hand, but suddenly Hizaki took my hand! In both hands! He hold my hand and looked at me with an unforgetable smile and an eye that told me "Sorry.". Now, I was standing in front of Yuki. He said "Arigatou" and took my hand. I said "Thank you" and went to Kamijo. I took his hand and put my other hand on his, and hold his hand like Hizaki did. I tried a second time. "May I hug you?", but also - No. He smiled and I looked into his beautiful eyes and said "I can't believe that you're so beautiful.". He stroked his fingers on my hand (I was still holding his hand) and smiled. Saying "Thank you. Arigatou", and the bodyguard took my arm a second time. I said "Thank you.", to Teru and took his hand. Than the security said "It's over!" and took my arm. I said "Please come to Austria the next time!", when I was standing at the door. Teru looked at me and noticed, that I was speaking something, but I thing he didn't understand or didn't answered because I was outside the room when I finished my sentence.

I'm thankful! For one second they know that you exist, for one second they look into your eyes and that's just magic. I can't describe what I saw in their eyes and how they smiled. I wish I would know why Hizaki took my hand a second time - that's my lifetime mystery XD. Well, I think because he noticed what I was saying and did that because i wasn't allowed to hug him or maybe he saw that I polished my nails violett for Jasmine You and thought "Jasmine!!". Well I will never know XD""". Well I'm happy that he did that <3.


If someone wants a german version feel free to ask me.
Sorry, if there are any mistakes =). It's not my mother tongue and I tried my best =).

Ah, thats brilliant! Even if you didnt get to hug them, just meeting and shaking their hand is more than most of us experienced =D

And your English was perfect.

what a lovely experience you had(not so much for the bodyguards xD)!!
I wish I had been able to meet them! T___T

you missed the 2 intros? =/

(Deleted comment)
I posted my report on forum, but I figured I might as well post it here, if anyone wants to read it. Sorry I'm posting it a bit late, but I didn't write it until last night. It's very long...

My friend asked Kamijo in Japanese to hug her. He seemed a little shocked and didn't answer, but even so my friend hugged him. Bodyguards started to say "no, no", but it was too late:-)

All live was amazing.
I stood in 3rd row, but felt like fainting and then go backward, but still enjoy it so much:)
And I have the bottle of water which Hizaki threw:)

OMG! your friend hugged Kamijo! *faints*
what was his face like?? (oh! I always ask this! lol)

It was a little strange. He doesn't react at all, any move:) Maybe he was shocked:D She did it so quickly.

OK, i'm a bit late, but here is my live report ^^

if anyone is interested, here is a link to my hungarian livereport too XD

Sorry, I'm posting it now, but I had a lot of things to do, and I had time today to write it in english ^^"

Thank you for your report!! It sounds you really had a good time!! :D
And the bus thing was really cute! I would have love to see it >.

Yeah, seeing masashi wave from the bus. So sweet!

@lladia You're friend is a hug stealer! XD Nah, just teasing. Versailles needs lots of hugs and loving :D

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