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Kamijo World
Kamijo dork
azure_love wrote in versaillesfans

Kamijo finally redid his official blog site, renamed it as Kamijo World, and made it international on Dec 24th. He made an announcement, and in order to get access to the blog contents and specials, you still need to get the premium membership just like the Japanese fans do. It's 315yen and the site only takes credit card. I signed up an hour ago, and apparently it charges you "monthly" as in Dec 1-31 as a period and Jan 1-31 as another period so if you sign up now, you are paying 315yen for the remaining 3 days of Dec only, and charge you again for January... or so it seems.

It feels so good to be able to read his blog entries again and read his funny everyday thing. When I dig into the older entries I found it funny that he uploaded a close up of Teru's tummy. lol


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(Deleted comment)
Do you happen to know how to download the vocaloid thing? I really like that "7 Kamijo" one and the "you've got mail" one. XD

(Deleted comment)
damnit. I want that one for my phone too!

? do you know if it takes 24 hours for them to process your payment.

cause i registered and paid but still cant see of the members only stuff.

24th, meh bday 8D
But creditcard, sigh! Thanks Kamijo, never will be able to. >_>;

would be awesome if you posted those pictures lol 8D otherwise ill stalk you on msn D

(Deleted comment)
ahh yes I see now 8D but still the locked entries contain pictures too and I do not have a credit card or w/e so I cant be a good fan and join >> /failzz

Oh, you know I am always online. If you come find me, I will get you pics. It's like if I get one less starbuck there is the monthly fee, so I am planning to see how it goes before deciding stick to premium or bump down to free membership. and I agree credit card is evil.

What was the url to it again?
At this PC I don't have it in my favourites and my father deleted every single file of mine at my other PC. o_o;

Lol daki, we're in same situation.

(Deleted comment)
Oh, if it's big I'll find it. xD

That's cool he's opening it at last for world wide fans (I regret he didn't make FLEUR blog that way - though I could join)! I won't pay for it but I think that's a nice thing for Versailles' Kamijo's fans!

Yeah, I was so upset when he made it only available in Japan since I used to check his blog like every other day to see what's up with that man. At least now he figured out how many fans out there want to access the site. I'm going to see how it goes before deciding stick to premium or downgrade to free membership.

...I hate to bug you, but could I see that picture of Teru's tummy? *obsessive? Nah* But awesome that he redid and made it international <3 I'll have to go look

Turns out teh Teru belly is in the most recent entries. For posterity, however, I ninja'd it and am posting it here, for all to gaze upon and admire.

Lol, Kamijo, you are such a sleaze for everyoneTeru.

He wrote "beautiful tummy ne~" right below the pic.

and then... fans that comment that entry were telling Kamijo he needs to post a pic of his own sexy tummy.

Honestly, I can't help feeling like Kamijo is a lecherous old man around Teru, it makes me laugh so much! (I always wondered if it must be hard to play guitar with Kamijo draped over one's shoulders...)

But if Teru is going to flaunt his "Lovely stomach" then I guess he has to expect some attention! Really, I was wondering where the diamantes went ;)

XDDDD I couls smell some shouta-con from this. XDDDD I bet it should be hard to play guitar around Kamijo. Some times Kamijo is a dork, and I can imagine Teru would be hard not to laugh at him.

I know! It seems like Kamijo spoils Teru the most and gives him more chance to get attention. Kamijo is even Teru's 24/7 mac technician also. He doesn't seem to go after anybody taking pics and say beautiful hizaki boobs or something. XDDD

OH GOD "beautiful Hizaki boobs"

I would pay to see that.
I need an icon or something, that is the best mental image ever XDDDD

LOL "beautiful Hizaki boobs" or "Beautiful Yuki arms" or something. Totally, when it is his turn, he needs to show his sexy legs. XDDDDDDD

uh.. credit card... life is cruel >_<

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