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Versailles Spring Tour 2011!
Tomoya & Kuina
linh_san wrote in versaillesfans

Versailles has annouced on twitter that they are going to do a tour!!! *exited*
More info will be soon up on their homepage, so don't forget to check it!

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Yeah, I hope anyway that they can come to EU again <3

they should do a world tour :|

(Deleted comment)
Really? They're taking it into consideration? I realize traveling abroad is nothing new to them but I haven't seen anything official yet...

Don't get my hopes up! lol

it's funny that everyone (or at least a lot of people I know of) just assumes that if they write something like "tickets for spring tour will be avaiable for oversea fans"
that the band will come overseas in spring ... like "yeah... they are coming to my country again"

spend the whole evening yesterday disappointing people by telling them "they are talking about the JAPANESE srping tour.

was that tweet really that easy to misunderstand ???

was that tweet really that easy to misunderstand ???
Yes, because not many people overseas actually get to go to Japan for it. It probably doesn't even occur to most people that it could be about the Japan tour, because why would they post that for the overseas fans? Hardly any of us will get to go in the first place. Most of us have school or work, not to mention the money issue. :|

ah ok... from that point of view it sort of makes sense...

at least for me it was clear that if they talk about "oversea fans"
they are talking about fans that come from overseas to see the lives... from the japanese point of view.

(didn't even realize there was no news about the tour other than on the japanese sites ^^;;, I mainly just check the ohp for tour dates)

I didn't even imagine it might be misunderstood oO;

- The spring tour in Japan is clearly announced in english on BH and Dead Orchestra as well as on Blue Illusion, the main places with Versailles updates in english nowadays.
I personnaly posted info in french on my forum right after reading it on the OHP and assumed all the others ST/people holding blog/forum did the same ^^

- It's not the first time they're kindly offering an easy way for oversea fans to buy tix for their concert in Japan ( oversea concert during last indies lives + 4th january oneman)

- if it might have been about lives oversea, we could assume that they would have first advertize about a new oversea tour all over the place before speaking about details like tix ^^;;

(sorry for deleting/posting again; 1st message had a mistake ^^;)


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