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Euro tour info
lady_asphodel wrote in versaillesfans
Now that the short Euro tour has been confirmed officially by the band I guess it'd be great to share tips and info about those 3 concerts !

I'm in charge of the french ST so if you need details about the concert happening in Nancy, feel free to ask me here or on Twitter

Regarding the concert in FRANCE, here are the details available at the moment:

- date : 1st of june 2011; concert starts at  21.00
- location : the large concert hall of L'autre Canal in NANCY (1300 ppl) 45 bd d'Austrasie, 54000 Nancy

Where to buy tickets :



digitick this website seems ok for orders from other countries

- price : be carefull as there are 2 differents prices !!!
regular price : 26,80€
discount price : 23,80€ (for students or FNAC fidelity card holders)

Facebook event'page

You can easily reach Nancy by TGV from Paris(~1h30).
SNCF website to book train

In Nancy it's located near the tram stop called " St Georges" (running until ~midnight).
The concert will happen during a japanese festival ( not a convention) called "Nancy Matsuri" which goal is to show various aspects of the japanese culture, Versailles being chosen to picture one of the actual side of music.
Nothing has been annonced officially yet apart from the concert.

Concerning the concert in Italy

I know that tickets for the concert on the 4th of june are available here for 22€ (CC) or 23€ (paypal)
A press conference and a signing event should be scheduled the day after according to the website.

Lastly about the concert in SWEDEN

I'd like to ask details because all I saw was written in swedish aside from the page in english saying info to purchase tix would soon be up but tthey never updated it as far as I know...^^;

- Is the concert happening during and inside the convention or in a separated hall?
- Do they sell specific tickets for the concert or do they include both convention +concert?
- What's the price and modalities to buy tickets? Can we order from other countries ?
- Is anything else scheduled aside from the concert?

Hope to meet many of you in (one of) these cities ^__^/~

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About the Swedish convention:

- The concert is happening during and inside the convention, in Hall A, the largest one. There will be a big line before the concert, because the hall only takes about 1200 people and the convention takes in 4000 attendants this year.
- The tickets are the convention tickets, no tickets for concert only.
- The price for convention tickets are 500 SEK each, thats $78 or 56 euro. I don't know whether tickets can be bought from other countries, but I'd assume so, since there are always Norwegians there, as well as a few Danish and Finnish people.
- Lots of things are scheduled, but as far as I know, no other Japanese artists have been confirmed to play this year. There's a ton of things to do at that convention though. my third time there

UppCon's twitter was updated yesterday, saying that there are only 100 tickets left.

To be more clear: As far as the convention schedule tells, there is no signing session or anything else about Versailles than just the concert. There might be a signing session though, like with HITT last year. There were two signing sessions, but they weren't announced until we were actually there.

They said on their livestream event there would be a signing session but nothing about a time

Thanks for the info !
Only 100 tix left for the whole convention o__O;
According to your info and ryoustyle'ones it seems that it might be quite impossible to think about having a nice spot for this concert (if tix don't get sold out before we make our mind about joining or not ^^)

Signing session would be awesome but I wonder when it could be organized ?
If 700 people are likely to start waiting in line as early as midday( moring ?) for the evening concert it would be crazy to settle the signing session during the day ^^;
Maybe after the concert if the convention hall doesn't close too early ?

The concert hall is in the convention building, and the convention doesn't close at all until Sunday afternoon :) No one will be able to be in line too early though, because they have the opening act for the convention in the same hall, so I think everyone will be able to line up after that, so around 16.00.

I'd guess the signing session would be after the concert, or before/during the opening act for the convention, so it isn't scheduled while people will want to stand in line. :)

Justironic has already answered most of your questions but I can try fill in some gaps.
Yes you can order tickets outside Sweden, stupid is that you need to sign up on their site which I believe is just available in swedish, I had to help out a friend of mine from the Uk to get a ticket for and then you pay with creditcard.

There is around 400 reserved tickets that is reserved spots on the balcony but the are all sold out now so the rest of the around 700 spots left you need to be in the line for.

maybe you could give us a short walkthrough on how to register there ?

- Do you already have any kind of information on what time the concert will be held ? (also any kind of experience of how early you should get into line to get a somewhat decent spot?)

- some transportation infos would be nice as well (where is the con ? any hotels near there ? any kind of recomendation about how to get from Upsalla to Italy ? -> what is the nearest airport etc)

thank you

Okay I threw together a small guide, hopefully it is not too confusing
The concert will be at 18:30/6.30 pm and yes I recomend to line up in good time since I have noticed many people ask about that event.
This is actually my first time ever visiting Uppsala and the convention myself so I don't dare to give any guiding, many people just say to follow cosplayers.
But here is at least a map
There is an airport in Uppsala, an other option is go by bus or train to Stockholm ( around an hour away from Uppsala) and take a plane there.

thanks for all the detailed info and the guide explaining how to register and get the tix :))
It was really helpfull !
Not sure if we'll be able to come though :/
Most of the airplane companies land in Arlanda too late to let us reach the hall early enough to line up...would have been ok if it was a regular concert but not under such circonstances >.<
(BTW only found out about Arlanda airport and nothing about Uppsala one )

Your welcome, I am glad I could help through this confusing process.
Aw, yeah it's really annoying, well if it can be any help I have two tickets to the reserved spots on the balcony that I accidentally bought thinking every seat was numbered.
With those ticket you wouldn't need to worry about being in line and just take seat when the door opens and. I would sell them off their original price for 30 kronor each, that's around 2-3 euro if not even less since I have no idea about current currency rate. here is a picture of the hall, and my tickets is number 759 and 760 which is up on the second row in the middle right.

Oh those tix would help a lot indeed *__*
Could you reserve them for me during 24h to let me time to check with my friends if we can manage to travel there or not ?
I'll get back to you within the next 24h to let you know if we indeed buy your extra tix or not.

We only have 2 options, the 1st which would be arriving the day before (no need to worry about tix then)
The other being flying up to Arlanda the same day of the concert.
Plane being scheduled to arrive at 16h30 in Arlanda I saw that there's a shuttle bus from Arlanda airport to Uppsala central station leaving at 17h16, arriving at 17h47.
If we manage to catch it and if the hall is near the central station (website says about 5 mn) we could make it on time if you sell us your extra tix !

Yes, that would be no problem at all!
Okay, sadly I don't know much about hostel or hotels in stockholm or else I would try help out. But yes, if you take the tickets I would be able to leave the line to come help you out when you arrive so you can get there without problems and drop stuff in the closet.

Thanks ! will keep u updated as soon as we'll have made our minds !
I found available rooms in one of the hotels located on the conv'map :)

(Deleted comment)
You're welcome ^__^
See you there , then !!!
Out of curiosity, which website did you order your tix from ?

(Deleted comment)
The concert in Italy will be held at Cava de''s really difficult to reach...the nearest airport is Naples, then you have to get the train. Once in Cava's train station, a shuttle bus to the con will be provided.

The same ticket 22/23E is valid for 3 days of convention (4-5-6 june) + concert (4 june) + signing session (5 june) that will be held in the afternoon. I'm so longing for it ^////^
The first 300 tickets were sold in less then an hour ;)

To register to you click on "ISCRIVITI" in the upper right side of the page. Once you're done you click on "Acquista qui i biglietti" on the Versailles banner in the home page. After you purcheased the tickets, you have to wait for a reply email by the website with a code that you'll use to redeem your tickets once you arrive at the con (there's no shipping service).

I guess that's it for now^^

Thanks :)
I already managed to register and book tix thansk to the help of italian friends and the staff sent me abck already the mail with the code to get the tix :)

Can't remember if they already specified somewhere at what time the concert is supposed to start ?

Also, just to make sure, the concert hall, just like for Sweden is gonna be inside the convention?
Will we need to start lining up early to be sure to enter or do they maybe intend to let us enter according to our ticket number ?
Any details provided somwhere ?
(Depending on our arrival time from Sweden it might be impossible for us to line up at all ^^;)

Sorry for posting again but after checking everything here are some precise questions to anyone in Italia who could help ^^

- Seems we need to reach Naples'center to catch a train to Cava'
airport website says either "ANM Alibus" or " ANM 3S"
I found ANM Alibus on but not the other one + couldn't find how long does it take to reach Naples'downtown from airport.

- Seems there's a train connection at Piazza Garibaldi every hour according to trenitalia but those are called "metropolitano" and I can't book tix nor preview the price so I was wondering if they might be local trains(no booking needed) ?

Ok got info directly from cavacon staff

Concert won't start before 8pm
takes ~1 hour to reach convention from airport

Maybe going to france...
Does anyone have any idea if I'm able to park near the concert hall? x x
If possible not too expensive q _ q

In the "how to go there" section t's said that there are 2 specific free of charge parkings around the live house (60 places on the right side + 150 more places next to the live house when the large hall is opened which will be the case)

Oh that's awesome :D
Thank you <3

As for Cavacon...once you're in Naples airport there's a shuttle line called ALIBUS which takes you to the train station in 20 minutes and costs 3 euros :) Napoli Centrale and Napoli Porta Garibaldi are the same train station (I had some difficulties to understand it at first XD), the difference is that Porta Garibaldi trains are underground..most of the trains to Cava de' tirreni leave from the underground level so if you see a different station name it just means you have to take the "metropolitano" as you said...the price is not shown but I guess it won't be more than 10 euros since it's around 1 hour trip!
As for the schedule..the gates open at 7:30 pm and the concert won't start before 8 pm, probably later. They're leaving decisions to the band to make them comfortable with you know, make-up, organization and so on :P The day after, the signing session will be held around 3:00 pm, once again they said it will depend on the will of the band :)
As for the queuing...this is not sure yet, the venue is inside the con and I managed to understand that it's open air, they said there'll be no problem for queuing, but we exactly don't know how things will be organized..I just hope they'll organize things properly so that people won't have to die in the crowd (as in Munich with gackt's live, the worst organization ever x_x) Italy we don't usually go to number order, well we tried sometimes but since it's just an organization "among fans" and that people who'll come later won't easily accept it..usually the one who runs faster wins the first raws ^^" That's why I hope they'll arrange things properly with, you know, barriers put far earlier and so on so that we can form an order queue @.@ Then I don't think we'll be too there's no need to rush :P

(Deleted comment)
Most of the fans from the french forum booked a room in one of these 2 hotels located really close to the live house (few meters away)

- really cheap :
- a bit nicer :

You can also use the website "" to find out more hotels and get more options for your booking (if you choose a non refundable booking, the Suite Novotel is quite cheap !)

(Deleted comment)
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