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Versailles World tour dates
kira kira cosplay
lady_asphodel wrote in versaillesfans

All the dates for the autumn World Tour of Versailles have been published today on the WFC page

Versailles World Tour 2011-Holy Grail-Asia

Sep 02 China- Hong Kong @ KITEC-Auditorium

Sep 08 Taiwan – Taipei @ The Wall

⇒all info:

Versailles World Tour 2011-Holy Grail-Europe

Sep 30 Russia – St Petersburg @ZAL Ozhidaniya

Oct 02 UK – London @Islington Academy

Oct 04 Spain – Madrid @Caracol

Oct 06 Italy – Roma @ Traffic

Oct 09 Austria – Wien @ Szene Wien

Oct 10 Poland – Cracow @ Kwadrat

Oct 12 Germany – Berlin @ SO36

Oct 13 Germany – Cologne @ Werkstatt

FINAL  :  Oct 15 France – Orleans @ Château de la Charbonniere (*)

⇒All European info :

(*) about the final in France, some info are already available on Torpedo prod website :

it's gonna be an open air concert, in front of the castle called "Château de la Charbonnière" (you can see how it looks THERE ).
The concert is gonna be filmed and because it's not easy to reach the location by yourself(it's near ORLEANS, ~1h by local train from Paris), Torpedo prod is gonna rent buses to gather fans from the 10 main cities in France, drive them to the concert location and back home after the concert

Tix sales and more info will be available on the 11th of july.

/!\ If you wanna join the final and need more info, feel free to ask your questions here or contact me by DM or by mail us on on our french ST account : /!\

Again, according to Torpdeo prod, all the european dates tix should be on sale in the following days ~

Versailles World Tour 2011-Holy Grail-South America

Nov 06 Mexico – Mexico City @ Circo Volador

⇒info :

Nov 09 Columbia – Bogota (TBA)

⇒info :

Nov 11 Venezuela – Caracus @ Cecim

⇒info :
Nov 13 Brazil – Sao Paolo(TBA)

⇒info : www.

Nov 16 Uruguay – Montevideo @ La Trastienda Club

⇒info :

Nov 18 Argentina – Buenos Aires @ Teatro Colegoales

⇒info : 

Nov 20 Chile – Santiago @ Teatro La Cupula

⇒info :

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Thank you for sharing the info ^^/

I am so happy that they will play in Berlin/ Germany \ö.ö/ I have seen them last year and I absolutly will reach out my hands for the Holy Grail this year *happy desu*

so thx *bows*

And a big <^> to the North American fans again. *sigh*

Same. Though now I know it was out of their hands. Which is worse, really.

yeah, it all just totally sucks though. especially when dumb fans are all like "its because of the crazy fans at _____ who pissed them off! now they hate us" orly nao? >>

Nov 13 Brazil – Sao Paolo(TBA)

lol.... they are trolling us.. "Paolo" :P

I'm afraid of that TBA ._. I want an adequate place for a concert this time!

THX for info ;)
Hope they record the Final of the european-tour in that wonderful chateau!!!

The schedule looks tight but I guess we deserve a "Yay". ^^ I am a newbie in this fandom so, no comment.

I can't imagine how ecstatic they must be to perform their final in France. XD

I'm crestfallen about the lack of N.American locations again, though. do they just hate the US/Canada or have they forgotten we exist? It's not like they don't have fans here.

(Deleted comment)
Seriously? That right there makes me sick. I wonder who they're going through? I know Tainted Reality has promotional connections, and they've worked with them before, so...FARK.

(Deleted comment)
I meant more if this was the label's responsibility, or if there was someone in the band's PR structure that was involved in this. I didn't know that there was no interest in revisiting any past US connections.

There are other promoters though, I know a few. I've already called the folks I know, to see what they think, and to find out if they'd be interested. I figured it couldn't hurt. I'm gonna leg it and see if I can find out who's promoting/representing other Japanese acts, too, just for sake of seeing who's out there.

(Deleted comment)
Ok, are we looking for sponsors as well? Because there I KNOW I've got some options. I've plugged the band to two DJs in the area, who have actually played the band (albeit not during prime time, dammit), and should there be shows I'd think at least one would get on the bill as a sponsor. Also there's a Mitsuwa market near me, and they do get into some sponsorships. Once I get home from the holidays, I'll head down there and see who I need to talk to about that sort of thing.

The company that I know best, Evolution Promotions, has a few international acts, but they're all Anglophone. However I know they're looking to branch out. There's a couple midwestern promoters that I can get in touch with as well, but they're smaller. I know H.U.G. Inc. has done some J artists in the past, but I think they may have shat the bed with MIYAVI's last tour so they are probably not the best choice. I'll be able to do more legging when I get home from holidays.

This tour is probably, I agree, in the can already, but if nothing else we can get some relationships established so that perhaps, next go round, they'll get some US dates.

(Deleted comment)
I just wanted to do something, and I figured since I know some people it was worth a go.

I think what you mean is they need an agent in the US? I don't know as many people in that line of work, but that doesn't mean there's not some options.

I thought maybe the cultural festival route might work, too, as far as getting interest in having shows. I'm waiting to hear back from the organizers of JapanFest Atlanta, and I'll also be contacting the organizers of the Ginza festival, in Chicago, once I get home. They tend to be more traditional, but it's worth a shot, and if they don't have a spot for Versailles they may be able to point me towards another festival that could.

That and the anime convention route. I'll be bugging the Anime Central folks I know, and maybe I can get somewhere with Wizard World Chicago. If nothing else if enough events start calling their management saying they'd be interested, that might light sufficient fire under their arses to keep hunting representation.

What about BAM! Marketing, Publicity & Promotions?

Chase Wang has worked with X Japan and etc.

Really? That's terrible, because they would certainly make money by coming here, even if it was a 2-3 city US tour.

Didn't they play The Knitting Factory in NY waaaaay back when they first started? It's a shame they can't use that promoter.

(Deleted comment)
That's so ridiculous. I'll sponsor them, they can even stay at my house! No ulterior motives here.

They're not working with companies like Tainted Reality because they are faar too famous. They have a larger entourage now, and a livehouse or club like the ones they played when they started aren't big enough to bring in a profit. So they need a bigger agent to get them bigger venues, and that is what no one seems willing to do. Maybe American agents feel like it is too much of a risk?

I don't know about the venues being too small, but some well-known bands that come in from overseas often play in tiny little dives that you'd never think you'd see them in.

I think one problem is that it's always just "opener + band" when they've come over before. If it were a bill of say, 3-4 opening bands + them headlining, it'd probably go over better with promoters. A lot of the fans would probably complain (as they did with just the single opening band), but I think it would be more interesting that way. IDK who they could play with, though, unless they pair them with other symphonic/power metal bands. Maybe it would be better to look at metal promoters? Not sure.. but I mean, even if they are VK, they /are/ considered metal, too...

Haha, sorry, just thinkin' aloud here XD

I think they'll come back eventually, just might take some time. :c

That is true! I know that Miyavi has had trouble coming to the US (though he did succeed in the end, after cancelled dates) simply because of the United States economy. Promoters didn't think that anyone would come to see someone singing in a foreign language when a lot of people are losing their houses.

There are, of course a lot of variables.... But I am also certain that eventually we will see them. ^^

(Deleted comment)
That would be really awesome! We can dream XD

(Or can you imagine if they opened for Dream Theater or something? I wonder if they could play through all the fanboying going on in their heads :P lol)

I like this idea very, very much!!!

Yeah! Awesome news ^___^

does anybody know if they're going to be doing meet/greets again? especially at BABY in paris, thanks ^^

Dates have just been announced like a few hours ago so it's obvious we won't get info about instore that soon ^^:

Moreover taking into account that the concert in France is happening outside of Paris and might be a real PITA to organize (bus renting, open air concert...) I'm not sure they'll have time to bother with adding an instore to this schedule ^^

yay gud news! now I can ask for my bithday present lol...even if it 4 days before the 10th of november :p

I screamed so loud!! when I read "mexico" XD

waaa!! I really wish I could to the concert in France!! that locations it's just to gorgeous! so Versailles! *u*

thinking about going to one of the shows in germany, but it;s expenciveee~
No Hollant this tour... too bad... ight send them a mail advicing Tivoli or something ^^

Meh :/ It is sad that they won't come to Finland. I wanted to see them again.
Oh well, you guys, who get the chance to see them, have fun :D

Probably I'll go to the Orleans because it's the only on Saturday. I'm looking forward for more info. ^_^

yeah it really sucks. I can't even say now upset I felt about it, and just start crying in front of my laptop. I waited for a chance to see Kamijo since around 98-99, and I thought I would when he/versailles come over and things happened. There must be something went wrong last time they came that makes them so difficult to return to US. But I tried not to think too much about it.

Now they go to a tiny dot on the world map named Hong Kong but skipped a huge chunk of continent call America. Seriously? Now I need to tell my parents I have a need to go back to Hong Kong to visit my relatives and friends so I can see Versailles during my trip. That is just plain wrong that just because they won't come to US I have no choice but fly back to my home so that I can see them with a valid "relatives visiting" reason to have my parents sponsor my trip. At least if I chose the Hong Kong show I won't have to pay for food and hotel.

(Deleted comment)
I see. That's kinda sucks and sad. Since the unofficial ST is trying to become official, I hope that does make peopple able to look for sponsor or work something out to bring them over here. I hope they find one soon since I can afford this trip to Hong Kong with the government there giving citizen money a good amount of money, but I won't have ability to go anywhere after. It's just lucky that at least it is Hong Kong, and I can go without question asked as long as I have money.

The Asia tour dates! Only 2? T_T

Where's Singapore?? Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines & Thailand can be considered too >,>

I'm terribly sorry that USA had to be skipped this time again. I'm sure theres such a huge fanbase there too.

But yay for London!! -squeee-

Finally there's Poland! I still can't believe it! It's just... too amazing <333

Awesome news ^__^
If I can I will go in Rome and Orleans. . and if I can't go to both, probably only Orleans ^__^ that castle is really beautiful!
Does anyone know if the final will be recorded?

Hooray! ~ Thank You for the info!

London and possibly Orleans for me! =D

Hells Yes!

just read XD The live in France will be recorded! Good!

I need to buy the tickets and plane tickets too... Way too much money but Im pretty excited to see them in this Holy Grail tour!
If any of you are going to the mexico's date feel free to contact me! I wont be online for about a week but I promise I will reply as fast as I can...
See you there!

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