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Looking for Lyrical Sympathy and Nobel CDs to buy!
darkonyxswe wrote in versaillesfans
Hello everyone,
I was looking for the CDs (+DVDs if being European versions) Noble and Lyrical Sympathy, I sent perfectkiller1 a PM about her selling of those releases, but I have not got any reply yet... so that's why I wanted to make this request as a post here. I would of course prefer the releases to be in very good condition but it all depends :P
Thanks a lot in advance and I hope I get a reply soon!


PS: I would prefer if you sent me a message to my e-mail address instead: Dark_Onyx_vbg (at) hotmail (dot) com
(without the spaces and changing (dot) and (at) for their respective symbols ;) )

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Give her a few days, she'll end up replying to you. ^^ I know she's busy and whatnot, and she's an amazing seller and reliable. I got my items pretty quick when I purchased from her.

Awesome! Will wait then :)

Actually, I did send you a message on your e-mail address. Maybe it ended up in your spam folder or something? I will try writing to you again. :)

Hello again,
Yeah, maybe it went lost into cyberspace :P
I got your new mail and just sent you a reply as well :)

Okay, I paid you 3 days ago and you still haven't responded to my payment (if you recieved it or not) and when you will send the Lyrical Sympathy and Nobel... I'm getting a bit anxious :/
I hope you can reply as soon as you can!


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