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Selling Part of my Collection XD
snape: l'oreal
iamurvillain wrote in versaillesfans
Hello All! I am looking to sell some of these items from my little Versailles collection - please help me find them a good home ^__^  I do my best to keep all of my items in excellent condition, and these items come from a pet and smoke-free home.

The prices here do not include shipping or paypal fees. I can ship anywhere in the world, and I will aim to ship your items within 1-1.5 weeks after I get your payment. If you are in the U.S. and would like me to give you shipping estimates, please provide your zip code - thank you!

I have feedback here on eBay:

Hizaki Photoset SOLD ~ $15

I purchased this photoset from CD Japan in 2011 and it's in excellent condition.


Versailles Photoset ~ $15 -sold

I purchased this photoset from CD Japan in 2010 and it's in excellent condition!

SOLD!! Thanks so much! ^__^

Holy Grail World Tour 2011 3-pack of  Pics: Hizaki, Teru, Masashi ~ $10 ~ ON HOLD

All in excellent condition - I have just taken the pics out of the package a few times to look at them ^__^


Versailles World Tour 2012- Holy Grail- ~Reincarnation~ Phamphlet: $30 - SOLD!

Purchased from CD Japan in 2012, in excellent condition. Only flipped through it a few times!



Rock and Read Volume 36: Article with Hizaki: $10.00




Rock and Read Volume 37: Article with Masashi: $10.00



Holy Grail $25 -  SOLD!!

Purchased from CDJapan in 2011

Please note: This comes with an A2 sized poster, I just forgot to take a picture of it ^^;



Louis - Enketsu no La Vie en Rose [w/DVD, Limited Edition Type A] : $17.00 SOLD

Purchased from CDJapan in 2013

Please Note: This item comes with an A2 Sized Poster, I just forgot to take a picture of it ^^;

Jupiter: Blessing of the Future: $11.00

Purchased from CD Japan in 2013


Onegai Kanaete Versailles Collector's Box [Limited Edition] : $64.00

Purchased from CD Japan in 2011, only opened one or two times.

Comes with two trading cards ^__^





Thanks for looking ^__^

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Hi I'm interested in the second photo set (the one with Kamijo in the "pirate hat " how much would shipping to the UK cost?

Hello There! First Class International shipping looks to be about $2.50! The paypal fees are $0.83, so the total would be $18.33. If that's alright, feel free to paypal me at sowmyak16[at]gmail[dot]com. :D thanks so much for your interest ^__^

Hi I've sent you $17.50, the fee was actually 90 cents so it was a tiny little bit more, but the exchange rate is so good (for me) at the moment that this doesn't matter in the slightest. I hope you got it.

The email address was crystal aerith yahoo co uk

I'll PM you my address now.

Hello Dear! Thank you so much for your payment I got it just fine - I am glad the exchange rate is good for you right now ^__^ Ahh thanks I am new to calculating the fees so thank you for your honesty! I will send you a message as soon as I have shipped your photos.

Thanks. Looking forward to them. :)

HI there! I just wanted to let you know that I mailed your photoset today - if you could let me know when you get it i would appreciate it! Thank you! ^__^

I was shocked to find that I had received them already :) This made me very happy. Thank you!

Hi there YAY I am so glad you got them ~ I hope you enjoy them I think they look super gorgeous in those photos *_*

Hello! I'm interested in their guitar picks but I'd first like to know how much is the shipping to Bucharest,Romania ^^ Thank you!

Hello there! thank you so much for your interest! Shipping to Bucharest, Romania via International First Class mail will be $2.34 :) So if you are interested, the breakdown would be as follows:

$10.00 for picks, $2.50 for shipping, Paypal Fees $0.90, so grand total would be $13.40. If you would prefer to send in Euros, that's fine too ^__^

It sounds perfect to me! ^-^ I'll pay in dollars as fast as I can!

Hello there thank you so much! If you could also pm me your address once you have sent the payment, that would be great :D

Versailles pamphlets & Kamijo Louis CD w/poster


Do you still have these items for sale? If so Im interested in buying these ^_^

Re: Versailles pamphlets & Kamijo Louis CD w/poster

Hello There! The pamphlet is still for sale but the CD is sold ~ sorry I haven't updated this post for a bit >.< If you could give me your postal code if you live in the US or your country if you live out of the US, I can get you a shipping quote :D Thank You!

Re: Versailles pamphlets & Kamijo Louis CD w/poster

78237 :)

Re: Versailles pamphlets & Kamijo Louis CD w/poster

Thanks very much ~ I will get you a quote tomorrow once the post office opens up. Happy New Year :D

Re: Versailles pamphlets & Kamijo Louis CD w/poster

Hi there! So shipping for your pamphlet will be $3.58, so the grand total is $33.58. If you could please send the money as a GIFT through paypal that would be great, otherwise fees will be charged. My paypal is sowmyak16{at}gmail{dot}com. Thank you ^__^

Re: Versailles pamphlets & Kamijo Louis CD w/poster

Okay! I will send the payment on 1/9/15 when my paycheck comes through.

Thank You very much!

Re: Versailles pamphlets & Kamijo Louis CD w/poster

no problem thank you! :D

Re: Versailles pamphlets & Kamijo Louis CD w/poster

I just sent you the payment through paypal :D

Re: Versailles pamphlets & Kamijo Louis CD w/poster

Hi there thanks so much I got the payment just fine - however for some reason PayPal isn't displaying your address :( could you pm it to me or email it to me at sowmyak16(@) gmail (dot) com? Thank you - I should be able to mail your pamphlet by Sunday or Monday :)

Hello, would you be able to do $15 shipped to CA, USA for the Hizaki photoset?
(I can pay you by personal to avoid paypal fees)
Also, I think there was another set of Hizaki photoset from cdjapan that time. Would you happen to have that for sale too?

Hi there ~ I also live in CA so I would consider doing that. Would you mind giving me your zip code? Then I can get an idea of how much it will cost :D I unfortunately do not have the other photoset from that time, just this one :(

My zip code is 94134~ ^^

Hi there I can do $15 shipped to you ^__^ If you could paypal me at sowmyak16{at}gmail{dot}com I would greatly appreciate it and I can send out the set by sunday :D If you could again do a gift payment that would be great! ^__^

Payment sent :)
(Please tell me I did sent it by gift... I kinda just paid without really remembering. I was pretty sure I did chose it.)

Edited at 2015-01-08 05:04 am (UTC)

Hi there! yes I got it just fine :D for some reason paypal is not displaying your address- could you please pm it to me? Thanks!

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