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Versailles New Long-sleeve T-shirts sale!
porn. // TERU
koutetsuhime wrote in versaillesfans
Versailles have some new shirts and Death trap-ID soon! And of course, this means another instore~ They show one style of the T-shirt only though :( But it looks really nice! ^^


3 types, each are 4,900y (5,145y tax-in)

They will be offered first at O-EAST on 2009.01.02!

■Sherow Artist Society New Year Party■
They will be sold for 5000y (tax in) at this live house restricted sale.
It'll be sold as first come first serve. Of course, there will be a numbered ticket for a instore event included.

2009.01.03 store sale!
Death trap-ID shops will start selling from January 3rd.

★Privilge for purchasing★

Privilege A: Limited to the first 50 who arrive
◆Versailles special party (temporary name) participation ticket present
◆Versailles handshake & new costume commemoration photoshoot (1st part & 2nd part) participation ticket present
Distribution conditions: Purchasing at least 3 Versailles T-shirts

Privilege B:
◆Versailles handshake & new costume commemoration photoshoot (1st part or 2nd part) participation ticket present
Distribution conditions: Purcashing at least 1 Versailles T-shirt

★Instore Event★

◆Versailles Special Party (temp. name)◆ First 50 people
We'll announce the date and time's details soon!

◆Versailles handshake & new costume commemoration photoshoot◆
1st part: A photo with the entire band and yourself
2nd part: A two-shot photo of you and your favourite member
We'll announce the date and time's details soon!

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Wait, are we able to get it online?


Unfortunately, no. You have to buy it at the New Years Party or at the shop itself after the 3rd.

Would you be seriously interested in buying it? Because I want to go to the party/event and take pictures with all of them. (LOL) I cannot afford to buy 7 shirts for myself so I was thinking about selling the extras, but that only works if other people are interested.

Ok, i just realised its TOOO expensive~ T__T!

Yeah, that's why I figured I'd better ask if you were serious. Because I know there are a lot of people who want Versailles shirts, but not that many who will really pay 5,000 yen for one. Well, a bunch of my overseas friends are in town for the 12/23 and 1/2 concerts, and maybe one of them will end up with an event ticket that they won't be able to use.

I'd love one, but I really can't justify spending $50+ on it. :x That handshake/picture event sounds awesome, though... +WILLS SELF TO JAPAN+

Well bah, now I might have to go to this event. >_< But I can really only afford 1 shirt. 5000yen is so expensive. ;__;

I really wnat to go to that event. I'd buy 3 T-shirts in a heartbeat (and I hate T-shirts) for a chance to have my pics taken with them and go to the special party.

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