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Versailles Noble Butterfly
aesthetic13 wrote in versaillesfans
For the sake of convenience:

History of The Other Side

Chateau de Versailles

Ascendead Master
Regular Edition:
Type A:
Type B:
Type C:

There's probably going to be mention of bonuses from other stores, but I just thought I should post this.

Iono about you, but I really want to cry a little bit right now...

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Im looking forward to know the differences of these 3 types o-o'

OMG. I'm going to be *SO POOR*.

I was waiting for it, thanks! <3

But unfortunately I'm too broke to get all 3 types, I'm getting Type A only =/

I'll probably wait and see if anywhere else offers bonuses, if not I'll be getting one of the lives and possibly all three Types of Ascendead Master. I'll have to check my funds. ^^

As morango, I've only got the A type.
But I bought both DVDs, so... now I'm so broke! ^^; LOL

Major-label debut single release from Versaille featuring 6 minutes A-side track "ASCENDEAD MASTER." Limited edition includes a bonus DVD featuring a music video spanning over 15 minutes. This epic music video is to going to come in three installments on the bonus DVD included with the limited editions Type A, Type B, and Type C, each of them including one installment of the movie. *Unless otherwise indicated, DVDs are region-2 encoded (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and carry no subtitles.

you might want to add that so people know why they should buy all 3 versions

Thanks for the links!! But oh lord... WHY do I have to come check for news and see this 4 days befor I head off to Anime Matsuri to see Miyavi!? I am going to be too broke to get anything at AM now. O.O;;

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