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Versailles Fan Community

A community for fans of Versailles

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Urgent Announcement
Asagi - Red
shinkouchou wrote in versaillesfans
I really hate to have to post this, and due to my own shock this translation might have errors (feel free to correct me if there are), but this was posted to the OHP today:

「Versailles」 Urgent Announcement

Though Jasmine You had taken time off in order to rest because of poor physical condition, we received a report that early in the morning on August 9th, he died. Because of the extreme abruptness of this news, the members and staff are all dumbfounded and trying hard to accept this it.

As soon as his family has been notified and updated as to the details and we receive their permission, we will further report to all of the fans.

Moreover, with the current announcement, in regards to activity, please allow us to postpone it.

I really don't have anything else to say.

2009.8.9 更新

兼ねてより体調不良にてお休みをいただいておりましたJasmine Youですが、8月9日未明に永眠いたしました事をまずここにご報告させていただきます。あまりに突然な出来事に、メンバー・スタッフ共に今はまだ茫然と現実を受け入れることで精一杯です。



I hate to have to say this, but please try to avoid spreading any information that has not been posted by the band or official staff, no matter how 100% certain you are that it is fact. We don't need anything unofficial spread at a time like this. Thank you.

(Deleted comment)
I wish on everything that I was.

(Deleted comment)
Oh my God ;_; this was so...unexpected, really. I knew he was ill, but I didn't know it was that bad. May he rest in peace.

I can't believe this... I'm totaly in shock...

I'm absolutely heartbroken right now. I don't even know what to say....

OMG!!!!!!!! this can't be true!!!!! :O please don't be !! D:

Oh my...

I confess I'm not that big of a Versailles fan but...

I have no words.

May he rest in peace.

T_______T Oh my God.....I'm shocked....and...sad..and..at a loss for words!

.... oh my god. This can't be happening.

I just.. lost my words..
May he rest in peace.

i have no words. if this is true...

Jasmine You, please rest in peace.