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Want goods? CDJapan!
「Jasmine」 New Years party
ruiza wrote in versaillesfans
I just got an email from CDJapan, saying that you can now purchase Versailles' tour goods!

2010 Calendar -

Portrait set -

Clear File -

Wrist Belt -

Pouch -

Just thought I'd share this information for anyone who's not on the CDjapan fanmail list. :3

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I love the idea of the cardboard frame in the portrait set! :'D

I think it's a cute idea! :3

"Versailles' tour goods"
You mean they'll sell them too at the tour? *confused*

Well, it says goods in the newsmail, so I'm not sure if they're tour goods or not? I know they sold them on the website shop, though. ^^;

Those goods are from the "fragment collectors" tour that happened last year.
You could at the time also buy 2 T shirts, a phonestrap, a bag and a towel.

I dunno if they are only trying to sell the remaining articles, if they did reprint some (seems unlikely IMO) or if it's a test to see if people would be interested which would maybe lead them to put the forthcoming goods on sale through CDJapan.
Would be a wonderful idea as you need to use a shopping service to order at their goods shop (BSP).

the calendar *___*
Wrist Belt *Q*

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(Deleted comment)
Thank you!
I wonder, why I haven´t received the news mail, I´m also on the fanmail list O_O
Yeah, I have my wrist belt^_^

aww I want the calendar~

and the wrist belts are already sold out :o

Well, it says that preorder has sold out. The actual items haven't even released yet, have they? o_o I suppose I don't really know how this works...

yeah, they're all being released next week, but it says the accessories come in limited quantities. but I'm pretty much in the same boat as you, I don't really know what's going on with that haha

The wrist belts are from last year's tour goods. I'm guessing that this is the remaining stock which they are clearing, hence the limited quantity.

(Deleted comment)
Wow, tour goods from last year... that's so neat! This is a great opportunity for anyone who missed out on those to get them. I have my heart set on that calendar, myself!

Wooo!! I'm SO glad those things are up on CDJapan!! :D They looked so great on the main page!

I really wanted that wristband and now I've missed it twice! Gah!!

Thanks for posting! I just bought myself a calendar. I have no willpower wahtsoever, but at least I'll have pretty Versailles stuff.

I really want the calendar and the clear file<3
But the pouch is alittle...ehh.
They could've choosen a better color/design for it imo.

Arrgh the calendar! Should I buy it?! But I really have no use for such things. I bought the portrait set last year and it's just doing nothing on my shelf now.
But they look so pretty in it *_*

Do you have the original photo for your icon?

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