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Omedetou Hizaki & Yuki
jackieyagami wrote in versaillesfans
Today  (17.02)  is Hizaki and tomorrow (18.02) is Yuki b-day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to them!!!!!!


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(Deleted comment)
You're right 8D.... my bad... as my cellphone warn me a day before I tought that's the same day ^^' sorry

Actually depending on where you are, yesterday was Hizaki's and today is Yuki's (time difference FTW) but either way, otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu!

*sings happy birthday to you*

Happy birthday to both <33

Many happy returns ♥

誕生日、おめでとう ♥

yayay! "happy b-day to youuu..." *singing* XD

Ooh~ Happy Birthday! What age are they now? I think Hizaki is either 31 or 32?

I'm about positive Hizaki is 31, but I could be wrong.

Oh my, Happy Birthday you guys!! :3 <3

Omedetou, Princess & Yuukii~♥


~HAPPY BIRTHDAY~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

happy happy birthday!!!

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