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Rock Band Results are in!
sammielindemann wrote in versaillesfans
The Top 10 areeeee...

1. the GazettE
2. Dir en grey
6. An Café
7. D'espairsRay
8. Nightmare
9. L'Arc~en~Ciel
10. Versailles ~Philharmonic Quintent~

I don't know if these are all going on the game, or whatever, but if so, good shit!

Full Entry Here.

-No idea what to post this as-

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Oooh! So close for versailles! Scaary! Glad they made it.

They came in the first 10! <3

they should be in a rank higher than 10 D:
i'm glad they made it at least to the top~ ♥

That's so awesome~! I can't wait! *squee*

that top 10 looks awesome!

This is completely random.
But who is that in your icon?

Hasune, bassist of a very indie-band called Egoist~

Nice, glad they made the top ten at least.

I think the only reason they didn't make it higher, is they are so new. Look at the other names, all been around for a long, long time. Most of them have been singing what.. 15+ years? That's so awesome they made it on there!!

L'Arc~en~Ciel is VK? Don't they just wear blue jeans and stuff? I think the term VK needs to stop being thrown around so lightly. I really don't think Gackt should even be VK.

Anyway, I can't believe these results. They're like every Japanese band I don't like put on one list, except Gackt, An Cafe, and Versailles. Who voted on this? Like, people of just the US? Because these results seem really strange to me.

i definitely DO NOT agree with this result~ well except for the GazettE which is my second fav after Versailles. Dir en Grey and Nightmare are good too, but NOT as good as our VERSAILLES~!! nee??nee?? but I do know for sure.. that these names are the most popular in the VK scene. you'll encounter them almost everytime you search for vk.

aww.. Versailles should at least be in the top5. >

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