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Netherlands Live Reports
koutetsuhime wrote in versaillesfans
July 06, 2010 - Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Please post all live reports or comments on the live here!

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I was a little bit confused because on tickets was starting time 20.00, but while waiting outside the venue, there was hanging a small flyer saying that Versailles live starts 21.00

I wasn´t personally waiting there so long as many other people who were there already from noon or afternoon.
But still it was a bit tiring, I wonder which time was exactly right? and well, there was maybe a bit wrong organization, its a small venue, but still getting inside took so long.. :(

But those were only issues before starting the live. The concert itself was amazing!
I liked how they sounded and how Kamijo and as well Teru and sometimes Hizaki didn´t forget to look as well up to balcony and how was Kamijo smiling a lot. The concert had its magic and they even took a flag from fans down in front of the stage :D LoL and it was a footbal flag :) That time was playing NL versus Uruguay :)

It was really a nice concert despite the issues before starting :)

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I have to agree and disagree with littleflapper on this.

The organisation of the whole concert was just TERRIBLE. Even before they started to let people in it was terrible already but I won't give any information on that due to lawsuits I don't want. XD

The live itself was nice, just shortened because they started so late, they raced through their set and seemed rushed. Even with the slower songs they seemed to rush themselves a bit. Costumes and the gentlemen wearing them looked GORGEOUS, can't deny that. Sound was so loud... I don't think I've ever seen a concert this loud. I'm happy for the invention of hearingprotection and me having it.

Agelimit: 16+.
You can guess what was there. A LOT (if not most in comparisation) of younger girls with their PARENTS. If I can't take something, it's that. Might be a personal matter, but to me it's just not done. And AGRESSIVE I tell you. Second song: huge moshpit. I mean excuse me? ... Yeah that's about all I can say without getting a lawsuit from their management. ^^;
I wish I could say I would have gotten my picturepass anyway, but it was denied at the very last moment, pretty damn dissapointing, but sorry for that anyway! ;_;

I wish there had been a mosh in Oslo.
But 98% of the crowd were female cosplayers so no mosh bruises for me. Instead my knees were bruised from being pushed into the scene...

But I guess I won't complain. I got to see one of my fav bands live xD

ah well, for me it was the first bigger and famous band experience ever. I was on balcony and didn´t notice many things, but guess it was hard down there close to the stage :/

next week I am going for GACKT live in paris and I am a bit scared about how it will be and how much crazy people are gonna be O.o

I was on the balcony myself, but I've been to many, many shows so I know what it felt like even by just watching it hehe.

I hope for you Gackt is less of a crash/kill because I personally forsee it being a gigantic messed up audience there just because Gackt is a major name/artist. Good luck there, please don't die! As I'm not going for that reason alone, like ow. x.X

I agree with fallenguitarist. The organization was horrible, the band started playing not before 9:30PM. People had already started to actively line up in front of the doors since 7:00PM because they assumed the concert would start at 8:00PM, so I had been standing up for 2,5 hours already without having anything to eat or drink. By the time they finally started playing, I was already quite tired. Especially because it had been a very long and hot day. I had been waiting at the venue since 12:30PM.

During the live, many fans in the front were disrespectful and rude. They touched the band members literally everywhere, from their faces to their chest, their hair and their guitars... honestly, I think wanting to give them a hand is okay, but they just bothered them while they were playing. Some even grabbed Teru's cape and didn't let go anymore, he was struggling to free himself. I was shocked by how rude everyone was.

Also, whenever the bandmembers came close to the audience, even people from the 6th or 7th row pushed themselves forwards, crushing everyone in front of them through the process. I was unfortunate to be in the 3rd row, and was squashed so badly I couldn't even place my feet on the ground anymore.

I can't say too much about their performance, since I had a panic attack and collapsed because of all the pushing from the crowd, so others have pretty much ruined it for me. But, from what I've seen, the band played wonderfully and they seemed to enjoy themselves despite the fans' bad behavior.

Even though the band barely had space to move around (the stage was tiny), they gave their best. They also interacted a lot with the audience, and at one point Kamijo even stood on top of the fence which was meant to hold back the fans. Two staff members rushed to him in order to support him, so he wouldn't fall off. It was quite hilarious and I shook my head at this impulsive, seemingly adrenaline-boosted move from Kamijo XD

Also, as littleflapper said, they were given a Dutch football flag, and at one point Kamijo waved it around furiously. It was a funny sight to see and it made me laugh. He definitely seemed to enjoy himself. I also enjoyed his furitsuke a lot during Gekkakou.

I was very impressed by his voice, by the way! I didn't expect too much from him to be really honest, because even though I love him, I remembered some old Lareine lives in which he sounded truly horrible. But, he sang really, really well! I haven't heard a single false note, so I was impressed.

The only song which I really remember, is Serenade. Which was my absolute favourite, and they played it beautifully. I was on the balcony during this song, and had a good sight on Kamijo and Hizaki. I really love that song so much, and I'm happy I was able to at least attend that song and remember it clearly.

I must say the concert seemed short to me as well... I had been away for a while to catch some fresh air, but when I came back, they played a few more songs and then it was already the end. It almost felt as if they'd only been playing for like, 10 minutes. But maybe that was just me.

At the end, when Kamijo presented all the members to the fans, he also presented Jasmine You, which made me truly happy. I cheered as loudly as I could.

All in all, their performance was great, but sadly it just wasn't such a great experience for me because of all the circumstances.

Really? I found it all rather opposite.

I got front row Kamijo, and no one touched him inappropriately. Although that might be because when he stood up his groin was in my face, so I leaned my head back to give him space and stopped fans whos hands went anywhere near there. Kamijo saw that, and obviously appreciated it because theres been some horrible lives. I also protected the weak barrier, and told all the fans behind us to stop pushing. Because if the makeshift barrier fell, the live was over.

Well, his groin isn't the only inappropriate place, in my opinion. But I was mostly bothered by people who would touch Hizaki's hair or pulled Teru's cape, or who touched their hands while they were playing the guitar. It's just something you don't do, in my opinion.
I just found most fans very disrespectful.

*sigh* The only parts that the fans should touch are their hands, and that's only when the band members hold them out to the audience to be touched. I can't believe how people can be so disrespectful of one's personal space. They seem to forget that everyone in that hall is a human being with feelings.

I'm glad you share my opinion. I simply don't get how people can think it's okay to touch them all over everytime they come near...

I agree.

But from my position, that was all I could do, and he groin is probably the worst. I didn´t touch him once that night, even his hands, and that was by choice. He touched me though, once petted my head and once on my shoulder during serenade, although I never started anything. That was his choice.

Trust me, Amsterdam wasn´t nearly as bad as some of the other ones. Olso was the worst for the band, or at least thats what the tour maangement team said.

Really? I found it all rather opposite.
^ Agree.

The fans didn't behave that badly. I mean sure there are always going to be some people behaving badly but do people still really think that those bands aren't used to it by now? And most fans do know how to behave. :S I've experienced so much worse. And in this case, the band themselves were kind of asking for it, jumping really close to the crowd and asking people to "come here".

Then again I was on the balcony and it was all perfect for me, I think it probably would've been quite horrid down there in the crowd. DX

The band seemed to enjoy themselves, I enjoyed myself. It's all good. :) ♥ Just too bad their setlist was so short!

Regardless, they shouldn´t have to be used to it if fans would simply behave themselves. There are times to touch and times not the touch, and places to touch and places not to touch.

If fans abuse that, then they will simply lose that privilage.

I couldn't be there, unfortunetelly. I was in Paris with my school, noticing I could have been in-time on my way back. Quite sad, if I just had a ticket...

Aw, didn't you manage to get a ticket for another live, either? It's sad you couldn't be there.

I just came back from Hamburg. Sad thing I couldn't get to the front because my parents brought me late... Why I mind? I had tall people in front of me and I am kinda small. xD Ah well, I could see Kamijo's face. I am making a report now. ;)

Still, hurts terribly much I couldn't go in my own country.

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