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Cologne, Germany Live Reports
koutetsuhime wrote in versaillesfans
July 07, 2010 - Cologne, Germany

Please post all live reports or comments on the live here!

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Well, it's not a great report but... here you go, this is mine! :)

thank you for the report!! =D
waaa!!! that was a cool concert!
I loved the prince intro!
I would have loved to see it! *o*

you made contact with Kamijo! amazing! *o* I wouldn't be able to do so, he has such a penetrating stare! xD

btw..what's "demachi"??

You're welcome! ^^
Except for the heat, it was a great concert for me, indeed!
Kamijo was very nice when he said the Tanabata thing!

Well..LOL yeah, I think I made contact with him, but I can't be sure! XD I had this sensation more than one time, though, yes!

"demachi" is... well, when you wait outside the livehouse to see the artist exiting the place, so that you can see them and say them goodbye, or something like this!
I heard some people did it in Cologne and managed to see them go away! ^_^

uhg!! the heat! yes! here in Mexico was also very hot!
I even got sick, when it ended...going out when it's cold and you're very hot XD

I didn´t enjoy that one one bit. Fans were elbowing each other in the face and hitting their stomachs, and when they were hurt would take there place. I gave up the second row on Kamijo´s side for the back after the 3rd song because the fans were so horrible.

Hamburg tonight, please be better.

Uhm, I was not so close to the stage, but I suppose that if you are so close to the front, there's much to fight, even if it's not a nice thing to do...
I managed to reach maybe the 4th row and the fans were quite quiet... I mean, not elbowing or pushing at all, and there was also quite a distance between fans, so I was quite fine ! ^^;

Then you were very lucky.

I saw many in tears and begging people to stop, especially at the beginning.


sound in gate
aristocrat's symphony
the umbrella of glass
after claudia
silent knight
descendent of rose
god palace
ascendead master

encore: the red carpet day, the revenant choir

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