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Hamburg, Germany Live Reports
koutetsuhime wrote in versaillesfans
July 09, 2010 - Hamburg, Germany

Please post all live reports or comments on the live here! Thanks~

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FINALLY, I've been waiting for someone to post this. XDD

Enjoy reading I guess.
I warn ya, I am a Kamijo fan. Lol. xD

"Okay, my live report !
Excluding my own commentary. >__>;

When we arrived in Hamburg I saw all these lovely people being all dressed so nicely!! So many lolita's around... I WAS THE ONLY ARISTOCRAT GIRL!!! (as far I noticed)
I also made a German friend. :3 She was the only one I spoke to that can speak some English while I swear she'd be one of the youngest. Quite amazing - she was really nice.

Later we went in. My heart was beating so rapidly, my stomach was turning around like crazy.... I bought postcards, went to the concertroom (didn't even notice it was because of smallness) and waited......for atleast a hour! And Hizaki, Teru and Yuki were quite much teasing us!!! The curtains stayed closed, but they were like *fufufu guitar* *fufufu drums*.... Myea :'D !
And also the people who spreaded water was evil. Like *opens curtain just a little* 8DD (Everyone: WOOO!!)....*closes* ... *few minutes later* *again* *comes out* ........b*****d XD
But we had enough water for sure! It was annoying to spread it all the time though!
Oh, and I wasn't in the front unfortunetelly. Parents brought me very late. There were tall people in front of me and I am kinda small.

We kept yelling VERSAILLES! VERSAILLES! and clapped our hands, until finally Sound in Gate started. =D
After that, the Prelude of Aristocrat's Symphony. While the music said 'we are Versailles' we all yelled 'Versailles!' with it. One by one the bandmembers came on stage: Yuki (I yelled his name when people were quiet ^^), Teru, Hizaki and of course Kamijo (which I yelled like a crazy b***h XD).
I forgot if he said it BEFORE the first song or AFTER the first song, but for some strange reason I really liked the way Kamijo said it was hot. He was like "It'" *smile* xD

While the break all those people were all like 'D: OMGOMG THEY STOP ALREADY' and I was like 'gees it's just a break', but they ignore English talking people I guess (everyone was German except me lol, one was like really SHOCKED I traveled all that way to see Versailles o_O). Ah well.

During Prince, Kamijo said that he was our prince. :3 I kinda smiled at that, lol.
And as I heard he said in Amsterdam too, he said after Princess 'you're all my princess', but we couldn't hear it too well. It was kinda loud while I just wanted to hear every single word he says. Too bad he didn't do the eyebrow-wiggle thing just like in Holland. I wish I saw that live. XD

When it ended, I was kinda dissapointed The Red Carpet Day wasn't used. We all yelled 'ENCORE ! ENCORE !' and some people (clearly a few guys) yelled 'WE ARE?!', so all others (including me) replied 'VERSAILLES!' - we went on until they came back on.

I felt like 'Omg this is gonna be Red Carpet Day!' XD, first Kamijo said that he was happy. He pronounced happy very funny. xD And just somewhat later, The Red Carpet Day indeed started....

After The Red Carpet Day, they even gave us The Revenant Choir. :3 I still like how Kamijo says 'please stab my belly'. In the end of the song, I threw my blue rose towards the stage, near Kamijo. In the most endish end I saw it dissapeared, so I hope they took it. :3

I don't know if I forgot anything, but I'd surely update it.
Oh and my arms kept hurting lol. Bangin' my rose in the air and such. I wonder if he saw my rose, not many had one. ^^
And too bad I did not catch ANYthing. So many things flying around. Even Kamijo's double wineglass attack didn't touch me. xD

...What annoyed me a LOT were people taking photos and such, it was forbidden. Sigh!
I was quite much between Kamijo and Hizaki's side. Psh. Hizaki. XD (least fav member, preferred the other side)

Ah well. I am happy and sweaty. Oh my lord, sweat on every part of my body. It was ******** 37°C outside, so try to imagine INSIDE. Germanyyy.

(and I still can't believe I saw and heard Kamijo in real life.......)

That's it. :'D"

from where did you travel to see them?

Kamijo was drinking wine?

thank you for writting a report!! *o*

From Holland - I couldn't see them in Amsterdam bcause I was in Paris with school... ;-;

And no, he was not drinking wine. He drank water in wineglasses. :P


Blij dat je ze alsnog gezien hebt ^^ Ook al was het niet in onze eigen land -_- (I know of being ignored by German people....I went to LM.C with a friend of mine...also in Germany...oh well ^^ At least the concert was fun ^^) Also as far as I noticed....there weren't many people in Amsterdam who had roses too, but that might be just me XD I and my two friends did take roses along though....and my hair was made up with quite a couple of roses too XD)

That's awesome lol.
I just hope there'll be a time I can still enjoy their presence. And not behind tall people, I mean... xDD

Its really bad that alot of European live houses done have air conditioners. Dont they get gigs in the summer?!

Ah, sounds like a great time. I feel bad for the short fans, cause thet dont get the best view unless their close to the front. =/

I know right. DX
I want to be taller!!

I understand the whole being too short thing. Cause I'm really tiny >.< I have to have front row seats our stand on a tall person ;3

Haha. I think tall people should think about the shorties.

Am I the only one with a report? @_@

lol! my friend that came to the concert with me in Mexica is also really short (1.50cm) luckily, tha tall guy that was infront of her, let her be infront of him! xD

and yes...why aren't anymore reports? I want read more! u.u

I'm like 1.60, but the 1.70++++ in front of me wouldn't let me. xD

Hm. I saw enough people there and only one report. D:

If I go to a Versailles concert I'll bring my little brother's huge scary friends >:D They can double as body guards xD Too bad my brother would never set foot in a Versailles concert,(>.<)he's pretty huge himself. I'm also less then 1.50cm :O

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