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Masashi's ameblo entry (translated to english and spanish)
sono_ike wrote in versaillesfans
Under the cuts - talks about he being the newest band member!

Original entry here. Thanks to SSandE for english translation (posted here)! Spanish trans. done by me!



9/4(土)C.C.Lemon HALL








9/4(Saturday)C.C.Lemon HALL
…was safely finished.

With yesterday’s live I officially became the sixth member of Versailles.

Before the tour began, I was so uneasy I couldn’t stand it. But yesterday, amidst a wonderful scene, you all told me in warm voices that you thought my bass playing was good. I was deeply moved.

I won’t be the bassist all by myself.
I hope I will be joined by he who watches over us from Heaven.

From now on, as MASASHI of Versailles, please look favorably on me.

One last thing,
Thank you for all the many warm messages!


“Method of Inheritance”-GRAN FINAL- CHATEAU DE VERSAILLES (Castillo de Versailles)
Sábado 4 de septiembre, C.C. Lemon Hall
...terminó perfectamente.

Con el concierto de ayer me convertí en miembro oficial de la banda Versailles.

Antes de que el tour iniciara fue incómodo y no podía manejarlo bien. Pero ayer, en esa hermosa escena, todos ustedes me dijeron con voces cálidas que creían que mi manejo del bajo era bueno. Me conmovieron profundamente.

no seré bajista por mi mismo.
Espero que se una aquel que nos mira desde el Cielo.

de ahora en delante, como MASASHI de Versailles, por favor veanme favorablemente.

Una última cosa,
¡gracias por todos sus cálidos mensajes!

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What a sweet man. I wish him the best of luck, and I'm sure the little angel on his shoulder does, too.

Glad people are making him feel welcome and giving him kind words.

Thanks for giving this.

He was incredibly nice when I spoke to him in Germany. If anyone deserves the role as the sixth member, it's him.

Oh! You could spoke to him? I was SO wanting to talk to him! To thank him for the live... but all I was able to do was giving Hizaki a little present for him u.u)
Hopes Hizaki actually give it to Masashi xD

I did, he was really polite and well mannered. I was worried about how the fans would take to him, but there was no need, he seems to have fit in perfectly.

I think Masashi would have gotten it. During some lives fans handed Teru roses to give to him, and Teru always made sure he got them.

Yes, I noticed how polite he's from the way he wrotte this entry in particular.
: ) I'm glad and really happy he noticed our love and suport from him in the tour
T_T) I feel kinda proud, it's like, I wanted him in the band and my support was worth ♥

btw I know this could sound kinda weird but- how's Masashi voice?

OMG muchas gracias por esto! ♥
Masashi Kun mucha suerte! ♥ we love u!


OMG thank you so much for that!
Masashi kun good luck!

Ehm... quisiera tomarme el atrevimiento de tomar esta traducción ya que yo soy la presidenta del Street Team oficial de Versailles, obviamente daré los créditos será que cuento con el permiso de la persona que lo tradujo?

Muchas gracias de antemano

of curse you can take it!
I'm the Dir en Grey FC & Street team president! 8D wanna affiliate? x3 xD this is becoming such a mafia xD
btw, street team from... México? Argentina? o.o?

Just credit me as "Sono Ike" : )

Hahah from Venezuela! ♥
Of course we will be affiliated!!
I leave the blog of the st? or something? -Laughs-we have many sites
And thank you so much! ^^

I'm happy that fans were so nice and that all accepted Him as a bassist.. And these words which He wrote are so nice.. "And, I won’t be the bassist all by myself.
I hope I will be joined by he who watches over us from Heaven."

thanks sono^^ for the tranlation.... en español jajajaj^^

Aww, so sweet! He deserves hugs! ^-^

Thanks for the translations!

I hope I will be joined by he who watches over us from Heaven.
How adorable♥


Thanks so much for sharing this! It's nice to see how warmly everyone is welcoming him, and he seems like a very lovely person! I look forward to hearing him on the upcoming cds - and he spoke so kindly about Jasmine You! Thanks Again! ^__^

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