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french final info
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lady_asphodel wrote in versaillesfans

More info are available for the final in the castle near Orleans. ^___^

Concerning the live tix

Tickets for the concert will be available online on Torpedo website on friday the 15th of july.
Price is 34€ + shipping fees.
You'll be able to order the tix online no matter where you're ordering them from, only the shipping fees will change.

In case, people here would be in Paris/Orleans after the 19th of July, it'll also be possible to buy the tix in a shop (location to be annouced).

Then, it'll be possible to buy tix from the regular shops like Fnac, Virgin and Digitick about one month before the concert (early september)

Concerning the bus tix

Buses will pick you up and drive you to the concert place and then back home from more than 10 cities in France !
The list as well as the prices are already available.
Buses are scheduled to reach the concert place at least 2 hours before the doors opening and will leave 2 hours after the end of the concert.

(AR = return ticket= both ways)

-    Paris : 35€ AR
-    Lille : 50€ AR
-    Metz/Nancy : 60€ AR
-    Strasbourg : 75€ AR
-    Lyon/ St Etienne : 65€ AR
-    Marseille : 80€ AR
-    Montpellier : 65€ AR
-    Toulouse : 65€ AR
-    Bordeaux : 60€ AR
-    Nantes : 60€ AR
-    Brest/Rennes : 65€ AR

As a reminder, keep in mind that :
- Orleans train station is located 5 km away from the castle
- there won't be trains to turn back to Paris after the live
- there are some cheap hotels nearby like Formule 1
- it's absolutly not recommended to sleep in front of the castle'gates as it's located in the country side, far away from shops/hotels/houses.

At the moment, info are gathered HERE on our french forum but we'll open a new section with info written in english just like we did before.

You can also add us on Twitter as we  tweet info both in french and english.

If you have any question, feel free to ask them either here or by mail at lacourdeversailles_ST AT

[EDIT on the 17th of july]

Info in ENGLISH about the location/ how to reach the place and where to sleep are available HERE

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thank you soooo much ^O^

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