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Holy Grail CDs on sale @ CDJapan
snape: l'oreal
iamurvillain wrote in versaillesfans
Hi Everyone! I was just checking my email and noticed that there is a sale going on @ right now - its their autumn sale and they have 2 versions of Holy Grail on sale for 30% off - the Limited Edition one that comes with the photo book and the making of for the Masquerade video, and the other version that comes with the DVD of several PVs! They also have the Onegai Kanaete Limited Edition Box Set for 20% off :DThey have a bunch of other v-kei and jpop/ kpop stuff on sale as well! ^__^ Just wanted to let you all know in case you wanted to snag Holy Grail or Onegai Kanaete for a cheaper price ^__^ Happy Shopping!

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Thanks for the info! :D

Hi there! U r welcome! Thanks for adding me as a friend I added u back ^__^ I see you here and on the D comm a lot so YAY! :D

Thanks for the info.

CDJapan should really do more sales! The exchange rate right now is killing me!

you are welcome! yea I agree they really should do more sales >.< the exchange rate sucks -__-

waaa!! I'm so happy! I'll be able to buy HG delux edition!! *runs in circles*

yay! Congrats hahah I'm glad you'll be able to grab a copy of it ^__^

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