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Official Notice + New Album "Versailles"
yusahana6323 wrote in versaillesfans

Finally, we have word from the band's site on the activity stop (or hiatus). You can read it here.

CD Japan now has preorder up for the new album, "Versailles". The Japanese description states:

The last album, "Versailles", to be released by Versailles before they go on hiatus after their performance at NHK Hall on December 20th.

You can preorder at CDJapan:

Limited Edition

Regular Edition

**EDIT: Changed the wording to stop confusion, I realised how "activity stop" sounded. It is hiatus, NOT disbanding. Completely different words. Sorry about that! ( ノ__;)

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It's always sad when a very good band like Versailles decide to stop their activities (T_T). But at least stopping activities isn't disbanding so they might return when they will find a way they want to go to.

Edited at 2012-07-19 10:47 am (UTC)

So...are they disbanding or is it just a hiatus?

Just a hiatus. It's just worded horribly...

Yeah, it's hiatus. "Disband" is a different word. I should have translated it better, sorry. ;_;

Already pre-ordered both editions of the album, I'm kinda looking forward to their hiatus, might give them time to re-invent their image!

We are Versailles!~

a hiatus might be a good thing. it gives them a chance to come up with better material music wise. and i know when they come back they'll be better than ever. Viva Versailles ^^

Well it's a no-brainer that I need to get this.
I really hope they come back.

Thanks for the post! Can you add this translation link to your post?: The official translation was pretty off in some places, and this one is much clearer. Thanks!

(Deleted comment)
They may join back later. They've been doing collaborations on and off for years (Hizaki Grace Project, Node of Scherzo) so if they don't come back as Versailles there's the chance they'll come up with something just as good, if not better, independently. They're all amazing musicians individually and I don't think they'll let their talents go to waste during the hiatus.

At least I hope they don't. =( We'll see.

(T^T) it's basically no new rose sound for a VERY or NEVER long time!

In the translation they don't use neither Hiatus or disband.
But from previous bands we all know what that means.

GOD DAMN IT, just my favorite band. After so many did it. ¬¬

Well, how popular is the group? They might return after a year or two if they have something to return to, but I think they have lost a lot of fans the past year or two.

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