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Versailles Video Project Feeler Post
aestheticroses wrote in versaillesfans

***Please Read!!***

Recently I’ve been thinking about making a video project to say thank you to Versailles for 5 years of hard work and bring fans across the world together.

The basic idea for the project is that, through photos of fans with signs each displaying one word of the lyrics, we will make a fan video of ‘The Revenant Choir’.

Each fan will get one word each, and you’ll get to pick it on  first-come-first-serve basis. There is also time in solos/ instrumentals to show pictures of you with messages or with fellow fans. Essentially the theme of this whole project is ‘Our clan’s blood will not stop forever’  so any content relating to that would be good.

In addition to this i’d like to set up a website (probably tumblr based or similar) where those who wish can have their details put up so you can find new friends from around the world. Your name and country will also be put on the video for the band to see. I haven’t figured out yet how I will make sure the band will see it but they will some how. 

I’d like to point out I am not a part of any street team or anything like that- I want this to be entirely set up by the fans that don’t have that kind of connection already. That’s not to say team leaders aren’t allowed to participate or advertise but the project will not be affiliated with any ST.

The point of this post was to spread the word and get feedback about this idea from you, the fans, and see whether this is something you’d like to see happen, so please reblog and share this and send me your thoughts.

Love, Aesthetic Rose

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i think this is a good idea! :)

Thank you, I hope enough fans will want to participate so I can make this a reality~ xx

I love the idea!

Recently, musicJAPANplus staff Yuki was asking for the world team members, videos of fan projects for they to post at MJP's official youtube channel.
As I am a member of musicJAPANplus, I can ask her to show the video for the members and post it at MJP's channel, if possible. ♥

Wow, that would be really cool! Thank you for telling me about this, i hope i can make this happen now xD

Please, do it! Right now we're doing it for D, Acid Black Cherry, w-inds and An Cafe for their new world tour, I think she will be pleasured to show it to Versailles' members.
I'll try to spread it to my friends too, I would love to see many of my people doing this ♥

[and sorry for my bad english, I still have to improve it xD ]

i'll try to spread this project too ^^

Thank your very much for your help and support x x

Oh! I like the ideia! ^-^

I would be happy to participate and I have several friends that no doubt would love to as well. :)

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