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tsukidelacroix wrote in versaillesfans
Hey there,

I'm (quite urgently) looking for a Versailles tshirt, preferably the one from 2010 that I think had all of them on with the Jubilee/Serenade costumes. I had one that I bought at the Santiago de Chile concert, but I can't find it and it feels pretty damn tragic.

I'm willing to look at any Versailles shirts, sizes S to M, and will consider any prices and conditions (as long as it doesn't stink)! Please please help.

Feedback is here.
I'm currently in Chile until the 8th but I live in Durham, England. I can pay immediately with PayPal.

PLEASE if you've got any offers do email me at as notifications on this LiveJournal account are a bit dodgy (I stopped writing yeeeeears ago and only use it for sales).

Thanks very much! x

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I think I have that exact shirt (also have some others) and just sent you an e-mail :)

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