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Welcome!! This community is dedicated to KAMIJO & HIZAKI's new band, Versailles [Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet-(US NAME ONLY)]. Their first live was on June 24th, 2007.

Versailes are...

Vocals: KAMIJO
Guitar: HIZAKI
Guitar: Teru
Bass: Jasmine You
Drums: YUKI

I. Be friendly and show courtesy and respect to fellow fans. Please keep all personal arguments and drama off this community. This also means to keep rumours and other gossip to yourself please. We want a peaceful, warm, and open community. :)
II. Please use only English in posts and comments in the community. We are an international community and English is our common language, and we don't want people left out of any discussions.
III. Post all pictures over 350px wide under an lj-cut please! Small pics can be outside the cut as long as there's only a small amount.
IV. All media posts must be friends-locked. Allowed media: PVs, all media that cannot be purchased (streaming, distributeds), samples, scans. Disallowed media: full releases (CDs or DVDs). Please do not request media here, there are plenty of communities for that (for example: tonarimachi or jmusic_uploads)
V. Fanfics are not allowed. Likewise, explicit fanart, or fanart that depicts yaoi (even if only suggestive) is not allowed.
VI. Advertisements need to stay within things related to Versailles, its band members, or Sherow Artist Society. Absolutely no rp advertisements please.

Last but not least, enjoy yourself and have fun chatting with your fellow fans! :)

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